Frequently Asked Questions 

When can I volunteer?

We have a range of projects and opportunities running throughout the year both in Togean Islands and remotely and on both a short term and long term basis. You can find all the information about on-site opportunities in our current openings section or here if you wish to help remotely. You can find details of our upcoming expeditions also here.


What kind of volunteering and internship opportunities exist?

There are lots of options to suit every skill. Different opportunities are available at different times.  Browse our openings for current availability. Joining our mailing list here will ensure you get notified directly of upcoming volunteer positions as soon as they become available so you don't miss an opportunity.

If you are interested in doing an internship, have a look through our current openings, but if you don't see something suitable then write to us with an idea of the kind of project, research, or work you would like to do and to give us an idea of your requirements, duration, availability and support needs. With this information, we can let you know if we have a possible role that meets your needs.


What kind of skills do you require?

We need all kinds of different skills depending on which projects we are focusing on. Some are practical skills, such as arts, design, construction, horticulture, or diving and some are more knowledge-based such as marine biology, business development, etc. Some of our projects don’t require any particular skills such as beach cleanups, or where training is included in the project itself. The skills and qualifications needed are listed in each volunteer role description.


What are the costs, what’s included and not included in the costs?

The costs vary according to the project, activity, and duration. As we don’t have funding yet for volunteers, typically all costs have to be covered by participants. Besides the small application fee (to help cover administrative costs of processing applications), remote positions don’t usually have costs associated, while on-site short-term projects and expeditions typically involve a fee. The costs are detailed in the description for each of the positions listed. Volunteers will be responsible for organising their own travel, visa, and health insurance. For volunteers wishing to volunteer on-site, health insurance that covers the activities you will be doing (diving, manual work, farm work, volunteering, etc) is mandatory, so be sure to include this when calculating the budget you will need.


How long do I have to commit for?

We have both short-term and long term commitments. Sometimes projects have different time commitment options also, so you can join for one week, two weeks, etc. The duration can be seen in the description for each of the positions listed. The minimum can be as little as one week for some short-term projects. We are super keen to hear from volunteers interested in making a long-term commitment also (3 months or more). Don't forget to check out our expeditions for short-term opportunities. Generally, the longer you commit, the more responsibility we can offer and the more skills and opportunities you will gain.


What can I expect to be provided with as a volunteer?

This varies a lot from position to position. If volunteering in the islands, often accommodation, tools, and equipment are provided. For projects that have a fee, food is also provided. The description for each position includes what is provided so please read this carefully so you know what to expect, what to bring and what costs are involved.

How do I get there?


You can find details of the different routes to reach the Togean Islands here. Getting to Togeans can sometimes involve significant journey times so remember to account for this when considering if you have the necessary available time to commit to a volunteer project. We are here to help if you need further assistance with working out your travel arrangements. Please bear in mind that boat schedules can sometimes be disrupted by weather, maintenance, and private charters and schedule changes can happen suddenly without notice. We try our best to keep this section of our site up to date to make sure you have the latest information.


What kind of visa do I need and how do I get it?

(non-Indonesian volunteers only)

This will depend on your nationality and how long you wish to stay. Citizens of many countries can get a visa-free entry permit of up to 30 days at the airport of arrival in Indonesia which should be sufficient for short projects of 1-2 weeks but please be aware this cannot be extended and you have to leave Indonesia within 30 days. If you wish to travel around after a short project you can pay for a visa on arrival at the airport before you pass through immigration. This can be extended at an immigration office (Luwuk, Palu or Gorontalo are the closest) for a further 30 days only.

For projects of more than 3 weeks, we recommend getting a 60-day visit visa from an Indonesian Embassy before entering Indonesia. Remember when counting the length of visa you will need to include the days needed for travel within Indonesia.

For volunteers staying 2 months or more, you will need to apply for a 60 day Social Cultural Visa at an embassy before you come to Indonesia. Togean Conservation Foundation will provide you with sponsorship letters in order to apply for this. It can be extended 4 times, for 30 days each time, at the immigration office in Luwuk, (IDR500,000) up to a maximum of 6 months' stay. It can take time to get these documents to you, so please give us plenty of time to print, sign and send the letters if you are planning a longer stay with us.

More visa information can be found at:

Indonesian Government Immigration

Project Visa

Please note that travellers may be asked for proof of onward journey within the period of their initial visa when they check-in for a flight to enter Indonesia. We recommend booking an onward flight that allows for date changes free of charge if you are planning to extend your visa while in Indonesia.


What’s the benefit to me and to the organisation if I volunteer?

For you, you get the buzz of making a difference in the world, the gratitude of the locals, new skills and experiences that boost your resume, exposure to a different culture (or several!), and an opportunity to meet amazing like-minded people.

For Togean Conservation Foundation, we get the help we need to make our current project ideas a reality, benefit from fresh perspectives on the issues we are trying to solve, new ideas, as well as any specialist knowledge or skills you pass onto us and our communities, Also, as most of our projects are not currently funded and we currently are unable to employ project staff, volunteers enable us, through their project fees and their energy, to carry on with achieving our goals. Given the urgency of some of the environmental issues we face, this is critical as we have already entered the 6th worldwide mass extinction. There is no time to waste!


What kind of support do I receive as a volunteer? 

We try to ensure our volunteers are as comfortable as possible and their needs are always met. You are treated as part of our Togean family. Before coming, we help with queries about the position, getting here, raising funds for your volunteer fee, issuing sponsor letters, advice on getting the right visa, recommend travel insurance options if needed, and once you are on-site we take care of arrangements and logistics for your project. We also give you any necessary training and check that you are satisfied and have what you need. Afterwards, we can provide references for other projects or employers,  certificates of participation, etc, if needed.


For remote volunteers, we can provide document sharing, information, video calls if needed, referral to other sources of assistance such as other NGOs, online guides, educational materials, etc. Your individual support needs will be discussed with our coordinator before you start.