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Water, health and sanitation programs for Togean villages

A lack of fresh water and sanitation facilities, poor nutrition and lack of health awareness poses a threat not just to our local people, but also to the environment. Many of our villages experience severe freshwater shortages and the problem is getting worse.

Climate change impacts, deforestation, and lack of knowledge about water management are mainly responsible. 


Most homes still have no toilet or septic system, and open defecation is common. Togean Conservation Foundation would like to support the community to fix these problems through the following projects:

Operation Vegetation

Our village watershed and forest restoration project – in 2019, we planted 1200 productive forest species in villages to restore landscapes and watersheds and trained local people in water harvesting techniques to help address water shortages and erosion.

Rainwater collection and drinking water filtration

Rainwater collection is not common in Togeans and the community isn't familiar with the techniques. We would like to set up examples in villages with severe water shortages and train locals on how to collect and filter their rainwater using simple, low-cost solutions.

Installation of toilets and biogas systems for human waste

In order to improve hygiene and reduce algae overgrowth on reefs caused by excess nutrients from villages, we wish to help villages install toilets and use the waste for the production of biogas that can be used for cooking and provide safe, rich fertiliser for farms.

Planting fruit trees along the walking route to schools and establishing home gardens

The local diet consists mainly of white rice, fish, chili, and sugar. In order to improve children’s nutrition and development and reduce diet-related health issues, we would like to increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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