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 What our Volunteers say 


Marine Conservation Volunteer

“A very unique and amazing experience. We were treated like family everywhere we went. Not only was the Crown Of Thorns collection effective and had a significant impact on the reefs, but also the activities on land - beach and reef cleanups, coral propagation and more. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity and will definitely come back again in the future.” 


Marine Conservation Volunteer

"If you want to be part of something that makes a difference, supports a community and conserve the ocean then look no further! It was a privilege to be a part of this unique experience and I would like to thank everyone for accepting me and letting me support this project that is and continues to be of importance"


Marine Conservation Volunteer

“This is my first experience as a volunteer, and it is a very nice experience overall. I learn a lot about the local wildlife and the Crown of Thorns. I enjoy the work we do, diving or snorkelling all day, I discover very different and interesting people with the other volunteers.. A very good experience if you like wildlife and diving, thank you, I will never forget it!”


Marine Conservation Volunteer

“This volunteer experience with Togean Conservation Foundation was incredible. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to help the local population with the conservation of their reef, while having a nice diving experience in the same time, and to share this experience and have fun with the local people. Togean islands is a perfect place for a volunteer experience!  I hope I will be able to come back for a future project!”


Marine Conservation Volunteer

"The resorts welcome us volunteers warmly. Even if it's difficult to organise in the small islands in the end everything has worked out well. Collecting Crown of Thorns makes you addicted. But it makes you also sad to see the reef being destroyed by them. I’m glad that I could help at least one week. Thanks that I could be a part of the project."


Permaculture Project Volunteer

"I spent one month and a half in Togeans, mostly in Matobiai village, where I helped set up a demonstration farm where villagers could learn about sustainable agricultural practices. It wasn't long enough to see out the results, but I hope we planted some seeds in their minds and hearts and I would love to go back and continue where I left off"


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