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Teluk Kilat from Baulu



Togean Islands region is a fragile ecosystem that can easily be damaged by tourism that has not considered the impact on the environment or community.


Togean Conservation Foundation is supporting local resorts and tourism businesses to reduce their environmental impact while developing guidelines for responsible tourism for guests, dive centres, resorts and tour operators.

We are also lobbying government departments to consider suitability, sustainability and impact in the projects they carry out.


Besides local community members that already have their own tourism business, or are working in resorts, most communities in Togeans don’t benefit directly from tourism and don’t have the capacity or investment yet to successfully harness opportunities or design programmes or facilities that would attract visitors.


The Foundation is working directly with villages to develop appealing, low impact projects that help the village build sustainable incomes that rely on healthy ecosystems and preservation of their traditional culture and knowledge. It is hoped through these initiatives that we encourage the local community to protect and promote the incredible biodiversity and unique culture that draws visitors to Togean Islands and makes them fall in love with one of the few wild places left on earth.

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