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How to get to Togean Islands 

While we try to keep this information up to date, please note schedules and flight routes often change without prior notice and boats and flights can be delayed and cancelled for a variety of reasons. 

There are regular boats leaving from Ampana, Gorontalo and Marisa to the islands.

Getting to Ampana

There is a small airport in Ampana (OJU) but currently no flights are operating to Ampana The nearest flight access is to Poso (PSJ) airport. There are flights from Makassar to Poso. From Poso you can take a bus or car to Ampana (4 hours).

You can fly to Luwuk (LUW) and take a bus or car (6 hours) to Ampana. There are direct flights from Makassar, Palu and Manado to Luwuk.

You can fly to Palu (PLW) and take a bus or car to Ampana (10-12 hours). There are direct flights to Palu from Jakarta, Makassar, Manado, Surabaya and Balikpapan.

Most Indonesian airlines don’t accept payments from international debit or credit cards. The best way to book is through an application or online booking agent such as Traveloka, or NusaTrip.

It is possible to come by bus or public car from Makassar but a rather long journey.

Getting to Gorontalo

There is an airport in Gorontalo (GTO), with direct flights from Jakarta, Makassar, Manado and Palu. The ferry terminal is around a 1 hour drive from the airport.

Boats From Ampana

There are several options for boats to the Islands from Ampana. Which one you choose will depend on where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. Please note that public schedules can often be disrupted by weather, fuel shortages or private charters. Be prepared to be flexible and allow sufficient time for your journey for schedule disruptions.


(1.5hrs to Wakai, price around IDR 130,000)
Limited seats so best to book via telephone the day before through your accommodation in Ampana or travel agent if you can. Suitable for getting to Bomba or other stops in Batudaka (weather permitting – check when you purchase your ticket at the harbour ticket office in Ampana), or to Kadidiri Island and the final stop is in Wakai.


(Departs 9am daily, returns to Ampana 12pm daily from Wakai)


(departs 12pm daily, returns to Ampana at 9am daily from Wakai)

Manakara Express

(departs 12pm daily, returns to Ampana at 9am daily from Wakai)

Fast Boats

(2 hrs to Wakai, price around IDR 100,000, tickets from the Ampana harbour ticket office)

First stop is Wakai, also stops in Katupat, Malenge, Pulau Papan, Popolii and ends in Dolong.

Wamburabura & Manumanu

depart Ampana Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at around 9.30am, return the next day, departing Dolong at 6.30am (occasionally disrupted by fuel shortages and private charters)

Allya Express

departs Ampana Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at around 9.30am, returns the next day (often disrupted by private charters)

Slow Boat and Ferry

Kapia Touna

(3 hours to Wakai, arrives 5.30-6pm in Malenge, price around IDR 70,000)

departs Ampana on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10am, stops in Wakai, Katupat and     Malenge, returns to Ampana Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday departing Katupat around 6.30am and Wakai by 10am.

Tuna Tomini

(4.5 hours to Wakai, price around IDR 60,000)

departs from Uebone Harbour 12 km outside Ampana departing at 10am on Monday, Thursday and Saturday (except the first Saturday in the month).

Getting to Una-Una Island


(3 hours, IDR 50,000)

A wooden public boat that departs from Wakai at 8am on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, returns to Wakai on Wednesday, Saturday and Monday leaving at 7am. Pay for the ticket on the boat.

Getting to Buka-Buka Island

There are no public boats to Buka-Buka so you should arrange a pick up in advance from Reconnect resort (30 minutes by speedboat), or charter a local fishing boat from Tete B village, 15 minutes outside of Ampana.

Ferry from Gorontalo

Tuna Tomini

(12 hours to Wakai only, price from around IDR 80,000 for business II class, first class cabin around IDR 450,000)

Departs Gorontalo on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, except the first Sunday in the month at around 5pm and continues to Ampana (Uebone), returns to Gorontalo from Ampana/Wakai departing Wakai around 4pm on Saturday (except the first Saturday in the month, Thursday and Monday. Tickets are purchased at the harbour and it is best to get them as soon as they go on sale as business class tickets are limited.

Ferry from Marisa

Cengkih Afo

Ferries from Marisa (on the mainland north of Tomini Bay) go to Dolong in Walea Kodi Island (6 hours, IDR 22,000 economy, IDR 35,000 business class) and onto Ampana via Walea Bahi (Pasokan village). Scheduled to depart Sundays and Thursdays at around 8am, but best to be at the Marisa harbour no later than 7.30am as sometimes it leaves earlier. Returns to Marisa on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7am from Dolong.

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