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Make a donation to Togean Conservation Foundation

By choosing to donate to Togean Conservation Foundation, you're helping to create long lasting change, transforming the lives of people and wildlife in one of Indonesia's poorest communities.

Your support allows us to recruit volunteers who will train hundreds of individuals to create the change they need, who in turn will pass on their knowledge and experience to many more.


That's why donating to Togean Conservation Foundation today isn't the end of your gift. It's only the beginning.

Donations will be distributed across all types of Togean Conservation Foundation's work in wildlife habitat protection, health and sanitation, education, livelihoods and eco-tourism.


Thank you for your support. It means the world.

Ways to donate

If you are outside of Indonesia we recommend donating by Transferwise for one-time donations, as no processing fee will be deducted from your donation. For monthly donations, consider using Paypal as it is the best way to set regular donations.

If you are transferring from an Indonesian account, we recommend just making a direct bank transfer, or using GoPay.


In the meantime, we are adding more options for you to donate.

Donate by Paypal


Fill out the form below: choose the amount you wish to donate, select One-time or Monthly, then click the Next button and fill in your contact details. You will then be redirected to the Paypal website.

For the record, our name on Paypal has to be the Indonesian name of our organization: Konservasi Kepulauan Togean.


Donate by Transferwise

Open Transferwise and login/sign up for an account then follow the instructions. 

Please transfer the amount in Rupiah as trying to pay in another currency will not give you the option to enter the SWIFT number. 

Here’s how to do that: the currency IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) is not available in the first field, but is available in the second one. Select your currency in the first field but leave the amount box blank, then select IDR in the second one and type the amount in Rupiah: you’ll see that your currency field above will automatically be updated with the equivalent in your currency.

The information you should need to enter is highlighted in yellow. The rest of the information is just in case you wish to make a transfer directly from your bank account.

  • Account name: KONSERVASI KEPULAUAN TOGEAN (use upper case)

  • Transferwise Bank Name: Bank Mandiri 

  • Account Number: 1510011272496

  • BIC/Swift Code: BMRIIDJA

  • Email Address:

  • Branch Name: KCP Ampana 15109

  • Bank Sort Code: 15109

  • Bank Address: Jl Moh. Hatta no. 3, Muara Toba, Ratolindo, 94683

  • Post Code of TCF: 94641

Donate by GoPay - Indonesian donors only

Go Pay.jpg

Donate by                     to phone number 0821 8897 9315


Thank you so much for supporting our work and projects.

You are an eco-hero!

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