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Sustainable jobs

Togean Conservation Foundation’s Sustainable Livelihoods programme aims to address poverty and gender inequality while reducing harmful practices that damage the environment, such as unsustainable fishing and slash and burn agriculture. We have developed a range of projects that we wish to implement in villages across the islands such as:

Establishing regenerative permaculture farms and agroforestry products that will meet Togean’s needs for food, timber, firewood, as well as products that can be marketed outside the islands.


Producing a range of sustainable marine commodities for our Bajau (sea nomad) communities through multi-trophic aquaculture.

Developing handicrafts and products made from local sustainably sourced materials and waste that help preserve the artisan skills of our creative indigenous communities.

Producing local healthy food and drink products that can replace processed, plastic-packaged snacks by establishing supported micro-business start-ups for women, young unemployed people and small community groups of farmers and fishermen and providing relevant skills training.

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