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Rebuilding damaged ecosystems and restoring critical habitats worldwide is crucial for a healthy future for all of us. In Togean Islands, this means replanting forests and mangroves, restoring seagrass meadows and rehabilitating coral reefs.


These habitats interact to support the incredible species Togean Islands are famous for. Home to many endangered and threatened species, some of which are found nowhere else on earth, these vital habitats sustain the rich biodiversity that makes the planet inhabitable.


Restoring habitat directly supports our communities by providing all their needs for food, water and shelter. Togean Conservation Foundation is firstly putting most of our energy and resources into dealing with the major threats that continue to damage these habitats before focusing on restoring them to their pristine state.

Related Projects 

Crown of Thorns Control

Manual removal of over-populations of coral-eating starfish from popular diving and snorkeling sites

Marine debris and pollution

Creating a value for waste materials, community education on waste combined with beach and mangrove cleaning events

Tackling Illegal Fishing

Developing viable alternative for destructive fishing, spreading community awareness and lobbying for more effective enforcement

Coral and marine mammal protection

Lobbying for a full ban throughout Togean Islands National Park on the use of toxic chemicals in sunscreen that kill coral and accumulate in the tissues of marine mammals

Regrove Mangrove Restoration

Mobilising community to replant deforested and damaged areas of mangrove and developing economic opportunities from intact mangrove systems while reducing reliance on mangrove wood 

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