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About Togean Conservation Foundation

"Togean Conservation Foundation is a local, community based charity organisation, committed to preserving the unique wildlife and culture on Togean Islands through creating healthy, diverse ecosystems and healthy, prosperous communities "

Irfan Bare - Chairperson 

Our Vision 

A thriving, healthy, prosperous island community where local communities, government, businesses and visitors work together to conserve a pristine, biodiverse environment while serving as a model for sustainable island development. 

 Our Mission 

TCF’s mission is to build local capacity so that Togean Islands archipelago can preserve its uniqueness for future generations.  


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Irfan Bare (Chairperson, left in photo)

Irfan has been working for four years in the tourism industry and comes from Ampana, the primary gateway to enter Togean Islands. He dreams one day of becoming an entrepreneur and enjoys playing badminton in his spare time. Being based in Ampana, Irfan often represents the Foundation in government meetings and consultations and dealing with the legal , financial and administrative side of things.

Epo Yahya (Secretary, middle in photo)

Epo grew up in central Togean Islands and both he and his family operate resorts in Togeans. Epo’s small eco-resort, which he runs together with his wife in Walea Kodi island, is based on methods that preserve the local ecosystem. They avidly repurpose ocean waste, grow some fresh organic food, collect rainwater, make reef friendly sunscreens and toiletries, use sustainable building materials and engage with the community on various environmental and ecotourism efforts.

Ros Karumpa (Treasurer, right in photo)

Ros, who grew up in Wakai village in Batudaka island, previously worked in resort management in Kadidiri Island where she was responsible for bookkeeping and payments and is also an enthusiastic clove and chili farmer. When she has the opportunity, she rescues and cares for birds who are sick, injured or orphaned, a passion she inherited from her young son. Ros now runs a small shop and ice production business from home while she cares for her new-born son.

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Yayan Galib

Yayan is a native from Wakai in Batudaka. He has worked in several sectors within Togean Islands and is a keen scuba dive guide. Currently he is working in
the tourism sector in Kadidiri Island. Yayan has been involved in reef restoration efforts to transplant new coral colonies in Kadidiri and helped to design the
vertical coral nursery. His creative ability and problem solving talent is a real
asset to our team. He has a soft spots for cats. His favourite spare time activity is
to play with his young daughter at the beach.

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Irman Hi.Buloe

Irman is a local environmental community activist and farmer of coconut, cloves, vanilla, and durian. He has been busy leading his village Loe, in Walea Kodi island, in coral transplants, building a coral nursery, waste management,
mangrove restoration, coral-eating starfish collections, developing ecotourism and producing virgin coconut oil, among other things. He has inspired many of the young people in his village and Loe village is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with cooperation, hard work, and vision. He fullly supports environmental education for the young people of Togeans and his
eco-entrepreneurial spirit fills us with enthusiasm. His dream is to have 3D
artists paint the streets of his beautiful village with coral reef scenes so the
children grow up with an appreciation and love of the underwater world.

Agil Sudin Lajini

Agil lives in the Bobongko tribe village of Matobiyai, which is in Kilat Bay, Togean Island, and is experienced in mariculture, particularly pearl farming and seaweed production, through his work in other regions of Indonesia. He would like to use these skills to provide opportunities to help his community diversify their sea-based incomes, become more independent, use their coastal resources more effectively and reduce reliance on destructive fishing. Agil also trained in organic farming techniques, natural composting and effective micro-organism production and is a keen farmer. He grows mostly coconuts, fruit and vegetables on his home farm.

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